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My name is Randy Badge and my goal is to bring honor back to the family.  With the latest technology available, our families should feel more connected than ever before but unfortunately many family members are feeling alone and isolated.

The 3 big question these days are . . .

*How can I have more meaningful family relationships?

*How can I strengthen my marriage?

*How can I be a better parent?

A plan to success is. . .

1.  Build into your family emotional

     bank account.

2.  Be intentional about making 


3.  Use care when making     


Check out my blog for more helpful info by clicking  HERE!

Family Soccer

I really liked how Randy talked to us just like normal and could relate to us. I liked all of the stories.


I really like the story of the tribute he wrote to his dad and gave it to his dad for Father’s Day.

Seth-High School Junior

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